Friends combine slimy fun with a good cause

    Abi Ridnour (left) and Marley Hunt, both 9, run their slime booth at the New Bloomfield Fall Festival Saturday afternoon. Ridnour and Hunt are using proceeds from the sales to benefit local children with special needs. (Garrett Bergquist/KRCG 13)

    While many kids spent Saturday playing fall-themed games, Abi Ridnour and Marley Hunt had other plans.

    The New Bloomfield fourth-graders set up their slime table alongside other craft merchants at the New Bloomfield Area Fall Festival. Ridnour and Hunt said they already knew what they wanted to do with their profits.

    "We're going to donate it to special needs, because I know a few people who are special-needs," Ridnour said.

    Ridnour and Hunt said they started selling their homemade slime a couple of months ago. They've made varieties that incorporate sections of straws, pieces of balloons and foam beads. They said they made their "stress slime" slightly thicker so buyers could use it like a stress ball.

    Hunt said most of their slime consists of glue, food coloring, laundry detergent, borax and water. She said early on, their slimes turned out too hard for practical use, but now they've gotten the hang of it.

    So far, Ridnour and Hunt said they've sold their slime in school and in their neighborhood. Hunt said they make about $50 each time. By mid-afternoon Saturday, their festival sale had topped the $50 mark, they had already sold out of stress balls and they had moved half of their slime inventory.

    "The fun really is you giving the money to them, cause it's really special," Ridnour said.

    Asked if they want to work with kids with special needs full-time when they grow up, the friends instantly replied, "Yeah."

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