Florists, gardeners look for ways around the cold spring temperatures

Rich Trinklein waters flowers at Trinklein Greenhouses in Jefferson City. (Tommy Sladek KRCG 13)

At Trinklein Greenhouses in Jefferson City, the retail 'houses' are stuffed with colorful flowers and plants. More packed than in years past and not always a great sign according to owner Rich Trinklein.

"Right now we're way behind where we were last year," said Trinklein. "But we understand that and you can't stay in business in Missouri unless you know that's going to happen."

Abnormally cold temperatures plagued the month of March and now April. Putting the flower business in a tough spot.

Trinklein, a retired math teacher in the Hallsville School District, said when the warm weather is delayed, you have to delay the plants. They use a process called 'dipping'.

"Just before the sun comes up, you drop the temperatures in the greenhouses by 10 degrees."

"It lets the plants cool down, not enough to chill em or cause any frost damage, but just enough to stunt their growth a little bit.

"We've been dipping all of our retail houses here these past two weeks."

Trinklein gave some advice if you are itching to start planting, despite to cold.

"Take small little packs, put them in larger pots and let them grow."

Look for "bright southern exposure in your house or if you're willing to put them out on your deck and bring them inside at night.

"Your plants will be just as big as normal when you put them out but you'll have the enjoyment of growing you're own plants for two weeks."

For information about the recommended planting calendar, click here.

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