Fans adjust after snow concerns shift tournament

New Haven High School students (l-r) Natalie Pecaut, Lauren Hoerstkamp and Morgan Branson watch their team at the South Callaway basketball tournament Thursday night. The trio had to scramble to get rides after officials rescheduled the game ahead of an expected snowstorm. (Garrett Bergquist/KRCG 13)

Mid-Missouri basketball fans on Thursday said a rescheduled tournament meant altered plans but no serious inconvenience.

This week's high school basketball tournament at South Callaway High School was originally scheduled to run through Saturday. Officials rescheduled the late-week games when meteorologists began forecasting a winter storm for mid-Missouri. Games originally set for Friday and Saturday were packed into Thursday night while Thursday games were rescheduled for earlier in the day.

The changes forced Lauren Hoerstkamp and her friends, all juniors at New Haven High School in Franklin County, to alter their tournament travel plans.

"We had to figure out a lot of the ride situations last-minute because we had planned to come on Friday and Saturday," she said.

Lauren's friend Natalie Pecaut said she first found out about the tournament changes when school administrators made an intercom announcement asking the girls' basketball team to assemble. She said that alerted students plans had changed.

Hermann High School Athletic Director Todd Anderson said tournament organizers first told him Wednesday night there was a possibility of rescheduling the late-week games, so the final decision to do so wasn't a total surprise for him. He said he thought officials made the right decision. Anderson said late-week snowstorms are harder to work with because organizers don't have as many days available to reschedule games.

Hoerstkamp said besides the tournament, the snowstorm won't affect any of her plans. She said the rescheduled basketball tournament gives her more time to hang out with her friends on Saturday.

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