Family, friends gather for vigil to honor Sally Blocker

Tea candles spell out 'Sally' in front of a home on Jackson Street in Columbia. This is where several friends and family gathered Wednesday for a vigil to honor Sally Blocker. (Megan Sanchez/KRCG 13)

Loved ones of the Blocker family have had a painful week. Saturday night, 20-year-old Rovon Blocker died from a gunshot wound. Just a few days later his 25-year-old sister, Sally Blocker, died suddenly.

Friends and family gathered Wednesday night to remember Sally with a candlelight vigil. Small tea candles spelled out her name on the front steps of a home on Jackson Street.

In the crowd of people there to support the family was Gary Lewis.

Lewis has been friends with Sally for a long time, and in turn, got to know Rovon.

"[Sally and I] actually met back in school," he said. "We was in reading class together, and I guess I like, was kind of her best friend."

He said Saturday night when he heard Rovon had died, he was shocked, and immediately called Sally.

"I just asked her if it was true, and she told me it was," he said. "I couldn't do nothing but break down to my knees. It was hard. I watched Rovon grow up."

Lewis shared memories of times with Sally and Rovon.

"I remember the first time me and her got caught out late, and her mom and aunties caught us," he said, giggling.

Losing her so suddenly has been emotional for Lewis, and he said he feels heartbroken for their mom, who has lost both of her kids in less than a week.

"I told her I'm always be there like until the casket close," he said, teary eyed. "Not knowing it would be this soon, so I just hope she looks over us and the whole family - her and Rovon."

A combined memorial service has been scheduled for the Blocker siblings next week.

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