Facebook story: Should area cities ban pit bulls?

There are a lot of questions about a new vicious dog ordinance in the City of Fulton.

The city council hasn't actually passed anything yet, the main issue is whether or not the ordinance should ban specific breeds like pit bulls..we took that question to the mayor.

Mayor Leroy Benton told us, "Currently we're just reviewing the ordinance".

He says the committee is just getting input from citizens right now. From there they'll take suggestions to the city council and they will have the final say.

We asked Benton if resident are looking for an ordinance banning specific breeds.

He said, I think it depends on the experience you've had with the pit bull, the majority of the people we hear from are pit bull owners so therefore they aren't looking for specifics against pit bulls.

People we talked to in Fulton had mixed reactions toward a potential pit bull ban.

Allen Guyton said, "I think any dog should be judged on how the dog has been raised and what the dog did. To class a whole group of dogs into one class to say this dog is vicious, that would be ignorant".

Darla Petershagen thinks a possible ban isn't a bad idea, "I think that with possibly the danger to children, and the public they should be banned from the inner part of the city."

Mayor Benton said they plan to have more definite changes to the ordinance in the next three to six months.

The only area city we found with a pit bull ban was Ashland.

Original Story:

Earlier this month a 12 year old boy was bitten by a pit bull in Fulton. Back in March a pit bull also attacked a Fulton postal worker. Since then Fulton has formed a committee to deal with the potential pit bull problem within the city.

What should the city do? Should they outlaw a specific breed or consider each attack on a case by case basis?

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