Experts to investigate why ice arena keeps flooding

Parks and Rec Department is bringing in a consultant to take a hard look at the area. KRCG 13 Photo.

The Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Department is working to figure out why the Washing Park Ice Arena has flooded twice in two months when it has little history of flooding.

The ice skating rink had just reopened a week ago after recovering from flooding on August 1. But heavy rainfall Saturday morning prompted flash flooding along Wears Creek and Washington Park.

Parks and Rec Department director Todd Spalding said he has a consultant coming next week to take a hard look at the area.

"Let's find out what the facts are. All I know is we got a lot of rain in a short amount of time, and that's what is known to happen. So if there's anything else going on, I want to find out that - I want to find out for sure what's going on," said Spalding.

Spalding said they hope to finish cleaning up this week and start rebuilding the ice next Monday. He said the skating rink is expected to be closed for at least another three weeks.

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