Expert discusses how to safely hunt for morel mushrooms

Edible morels can be yellow or black in color with a honeycomb like exterior (Missouri Department of Conservation)

Spring is that time of the year when mushroom hunters flock to the woods to look for morels. Despite the cooler temperatures, many started to forage for those little forest treasures.

Robert Hemmelgarn with the Missouri Department of Conservation said morels are popular and delicious. He appeared on KRCG 13 Live at Sunrise Thursday to discuss how to safely hunt for mushrooms.

"Tons of mushrooms are great for eating but some mushrooms are definitely deadly," Hemmelgarn said. "You definitely don't want to accidentally pick those. Many of those look similar to edible mushrooms."

Hemmelgarn showed us pictures of edible morels and explained how they can be yellow or black in color with a honeycomb-like exterior. On the other hand, False Morels, which look similar to morels, are poisonous.

He said it's important to be 100 percent what kind of mushroom it is before eating it.

The best place to start looking for the morels is in the woods, according to Hemmelgarn. He said morels need moisture so you'll want to search for damp soil such as low lying areas and along stream banks.

For more information on morel hunting, click here.

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