EMT Phyllis Shelley honored for her sacrifice

Twenty-nine years after her death, A Mid-Missouri volunteer EMT will soon be honored for her sacrifice.

Twenty-nine years after her death, A Mid-Missouri volunteer EMT will soon be honored for her sacrifice.

December 14, 1987 was a long time ago, but it's a day George Shelley will never forget.

"It was pouring snow," he recalled.

He was in the middle of teaching his students.

"There was a knock at my classroom door, and I went to see who it was. It was the county sheriff. He said, can I see you in the hall," George said.

The sheriff informed him of a terrible accident his wife had been in. While responding to an accident near California, ambulance Phyllis Shelley was driving spun out of control and turned over. Phyllis was thrown from the ambulance and later died at the hospital.

"I don't remember a whole lot after that," George said.

The loss was felt by many, especially George and their eight year-old daughter, also named Phyllis.

Loyd Fulks said there was no one as kind as Phyllis, "Nobody could say anything bad about Phyllis and Phyllis didn't say anything bad about anybody else."

For many years, family and friends have wanted to honor Phyllis and her sacrifice. During a recent illness, George decided to make it happen.

"If this is ever gonna get done, it's got to be now,"he said.

In July, Missouri Senate Bills 625 and 852 were signed into law, designating a portion of Highway 50 as "EMT Phyllis D. Shelley Memorial Highway."

The one-mile stretch of highway will start at the Moniteau County Line and end at Mockingbird Road. George says he hopes it's not only a tribute to Phyllis, but to all EMT professionals, "They put their lives on the line out there in those ambulances."

The law requires memorial highway signs to be paid for by privately raised funds. George says a GoFundMe account has been set up for the $2400 expense. Any extra money raised will be donated to the California Masonic Lodge, where Phyllis also gave of her time. .

"Oh she would be very proud. No question," George added.

Click here to contribute to the Highway 50 memorial signs.

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