Elf on a Shelf comes alive at New Bloomfield Elementary

New Bloomfield Elementary Principal Julie Gerloff, and P.E. teacher Nick Trammell, greeted students from the rooftop dressed as elves Friday. (Photo courtesy of Julie Gerloff)

In 2017, the craze of Elf on a Shelf continued to rage on and a mid-Missouri principal decided to get in on the fun.

New Bloomfield Elementary students were greeted with holiday cheer Friday with two life-sized elves on the roof of the building.

While New Bloomfield Elementary Principal Julie Gerloff and P.E. teacher Nick Trammell greeted students from the rooftop, other staff members were placed in various locations throughout the building.

Durham Bus Services even changed their route students could view the spectacle on the roof.

"Just a little fun at New Bloomfield Elementary, where smiles are contagious,” Gerloff said. “The smiles on the kids’ faces were priceless. The ones in car seats too little for school smiled and waved! It was a blast!”

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