Elementary students learn from live eagle cam

Students around the state are using the internet to learn about the national emblem.

Nikki Carel's 2nd grade class at South Elementary School in Elden is learning about animal life by watching a live stream video of bald eagles hatch.

It shows two adult eagles welcoming their brood 80 feet high in a nest.

Carel is using her smart board to show her class how animals change throughout their lives.

She said watching something live like this online is helping her students learn faster.

"We've learned about some different life cycles already, such as the butterfly and the frog. So I thought this real-life version would help, South Elementary School 2nd Grade Teacher Nikki Carel said. We didn't get to see the frog grow and change, so this is one way they could see it really happening in life."

If you would like to watch the eagles too, click here.

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