Drug task force director says stronger marijuana is appearing in Missouri

Members of the North Missouri Drug Task Force said people of all ages used marijuana wax. (Mark Slavit/KRCG13)

Missouri drug enforcement officers battled the use of a stronger version of marijuana.

Marijuana wax became more popular in the Show-Me State.

The new form of marijuana was an increasing concern for members of the North Missouri Drug Task Force. The task force operates in 11 northeast Missouri counties. Marijuana wax was a concentrate of marijuana. The purity level of an average marijuana cigarette in Missouri was about 20-25 percent. The purity level of marijuana wax was anywhere from 30-99 percent.

“Depending on how potent that plant is going to depend on how potent your wax is going to be,” Drug Task Force Director Chris Brown said.

Drug dealers used butane gas when they made marijuana wax. Drug enforcement officers said the butane process was very dangerous. Officers said some marijuana wax drug dealers had a lot of explosions similar to meth lab operators.

“It’s very dangerous. It’s used by extracting the THC from the marijuana plant using butane," Brown said. "You can imagine how volatile that is.”

Task force investigators said people of all ages used marijuana wax. Users on the street had several names for marijuana wax including butane hash oil, honey oil, budder and shatter. Drug enforcement officers said the stronger marijuana came to Missouri from states such as Colorado where marijuana use was legal.

Some marijuana wax users smoked the powerful pot in a vapor cigarette device.

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