Doctors suggest early vaccination ahead of flu season

Doctors said people should start preparing for the flu season early. (MGN Online)

Doctors said people should begin preparing for flu season early. According to the Centers for Disease Control, flu activity begins spiking in October.

"We want people to start getting vaccinated early. There are flu shots available in the community, but it's also important for people to start washing their hands more and keeping good hygiene practices before that flu starts appearing," JCMG family physician Ben Cook said.

Medical professionals said they think this year's flu vaccine will be more effective than last year's vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control said the flu season 2017-18 was classified as a high severity across all groups. While the CDC said flu deaths in adults are not nationally notifiable, there were 180 influenza-associated pediatric deaths in the 2017-18 season.

"The flu vaccine that we had last year was not as effective. This year the results are looking a lot better and it should be a lot better this year to prevent the flu and prevent the spread. They have done a lot of research looking at last year, looking at the spread and the strains that are going to be the most popular this year," Cook said.

The CDC approved a nasal spray vaccine this summer. "One isn't better than the other. Of course, the spray or mist is only approved for some people," Cook said.

The spray was approved for non-pregnant people ages two through 49. The CDC said those older than six months should be vaccinated.

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