Dixon residents say officials didn't alert them to boil advisory

Dixon resident Tammy Rollins snapped this picture this week of the water coming out of her faucets. She and other Dixon residents said city officials did not notify them a boil advisory was in effect. (Photo courtesy: Tammy Rollins)

More than half a dozen residents on Wednesday said they only heard about a boil advisory through secondary sources.

Tammy Rollins said she was trying to give her grandson a bath earlier this week when the water came out opaque and rust-colored. Since then, she said the dirty water has ruined a load of laundry. She said her water pressure had been low since last week. Rollins said she did not learn until late Tuesday a boil advisory was in effect and had been since Monday.

"We only find out that there's a boil advisory by someone texting us or posting on Facebook or something like that, instead of them coming door to door or somebody running around making sure everybody knows," she said.

City officials on Wednesday confirmed they had issued a boil advisory on Monday and had lifted it at 4:18 p.m. Wednesday. They referred all further questions to the mayor, who did not return a request for comment.

Rollins and other residents said this was not the first time they felt city officials have left them in the dark about boil advisories. Brandy Letner said there have been at least three boil advisories since the start of the year, none of which she learned about until after the fact. The city's utility bill collector said this was the city's second boil advisory since she came on board in April but she couldn't speak to the first three months of the year. Letner said staff at Dixon High School, where her daughter attends, were handing out bottled water while this latest advisory was in effect.

"We've got neighbors with babies, and they need to be taken care of," she said. "This is not the way that a city should take care of its people."

Rollins said she planned to buy bottled water for the time being. She said she's gotten gastrointestinal illnesses in the past few years which she suspects may be related to Dixon's water. She said she's considering moving out of town to avoid water-related health problems.

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