Dense fog advisory issued for mid-Missouri counties

Dense Fog Advisory for January 15th, 2019

A Dense Fog Advisory was issued Monday evening ahead of what would be a foggy morning Tuesday.

A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect until 9 a.m. for Pettis, Saline, Chariton, Randolph, Cooper, and Howard counties.

A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect until 10 am.m for Benton, Morgan, and Camden counties.

Both of these advisories call for visibility less than a quarter mile at times, as well as the chance for patchy mist, drizzle, and freezing drizzle that would also decrease visibility.

Freezing drizzle has to potential to stick to elevated surfaces and accumulate as a thin layer of ice.

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Overpasses and bridges could have a few slick spots, but roads should not be slick. Other surfaces such as patios and decks could be icy this morning, as well as cars.

Windshields could also allow freezing drizzle to accumulate, so many will need to scrape their windshield before the morning commute.

As cloud cover decreases through the day, these conditions will also lift and move out with the clouds.

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