Crossfit community rallies for injured comrade

There will be a fundraiser for Kevin Ogar at Crossfit Fringe in Columbia Saturday.

A Columbia fitness community is rallying to raise money for a friend injured during a weight lifting competition on January 12.

Kevin Ogar, a St. Charles native and former Mizzou rugby player, was lifting 235 pounds, well below his high of 300 pounds, in a move called a "snatch." He went to bail out of the lift by dropping the barbell behind him, but it hit off weight plates on the ground and bounced up into his back.

Employees at Crossfit Fringe in Columbia and friends of Ogar's told KRCG 13 doctors don't know whether that caused Ogar's back to break, but it was at least a contributing factor.

Tyler Lasley was at that competition in California.

"We saw him taken out on the stretcher and at that time he waved to us all so we assumed things were a little better than they were," Lasley said.

The reality? Ogar has no sensation below the waist and is adjusting to life with a back brace and wheelchair. Although doctor's say he won't walk again, Ogar's friends say he's optimistic about his future.

"Basically if you know anything about Kevin, don't every tell him he can't do anything. Because he'll make you look like a fool," Nate Bacott said.

But it's a long, expensive road ahead. Ogar was uninsured at the time of his injury, which Lasley and Bacott say is common for those in their profession because of high risk and coverage prices.

That's why they organized a "Ogar Strong" fundraiser for Saturday, January 25, to raise money for Ogar's treatment and rehabilitation.

The workout, silent auction and cookout begin at 3 p.m. at Crossfit Fringe, 4250 E. Broadway in Columbia.

No RSVP is required and 100 percent of proceeds go to Ogar.

You can also donate through a Fundly site set up in Ogar's name.

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