Cross-country capital tour brings man to Jefferson City

Adrian De Lavega pedals through Jefferson City Wednesday evening. De Lageba said he wants to push lawmakers in all 50 states to reorient K-12 education toward job skills, such as finance. (Garrett Bergquist/KRCG 13)

An Indiana man cycling to each of the nation's state capitals said Wedneday he wants to promote skills-oriented K-12 education.

Adrian De Lavega stopped in Jefferson City Wednesday evening after visiting Lansing, Michigan, Indianapolis and Springfield, Illinois. He said current K-12 education doesn't give people enough of a foundation to learn job-related skills in college, which in turn leads to underemployment and hinders college graduates' ability to pay off their student debts. De Lavega wants public schools to put greater emphasis on teaching job networking and financial skills in particular.

"I'm just trying to bring awareness of this and to start the discussion for a better educational system," he said.

De Lavega said he will visit Topeka, Kansas next, followed by Lincoln, Nebraska, Des Moines, Iowa and Madison, Wisconsin. He said he wants to bike to all 50 capitals, though he hasn't yet worked out how he'll get to Hawaii. After that, he said he hopes to have generated enough interest to start lobbying those in power.

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