Critics' Corner: The November Man

It has been 12-years since Pierce Brosnan was able to call himself â??Bondâ??, James Bond, but that doesnâ??t mean he canâ??t play the socks off of ex-CIA agent Peter Devereaux in â??The November Manâ??. Heâ??s no longer the clean cut and proper type spy but more of a ruthless when he needs to be type spy. In fact, I found him to be, at times, a little shockingly ruthless.

â??November Manâ?? is an intelligent film with multiple plots. For the most part, all of those plots are juggled nicely. Although there may have been a little too much going on for the time allotted in the film because many of the plot points either hindered your view of the characters or defied logic for the sake of events. I donâ??t think those events are deal breakers, but they certainly kept the film from being better than what it was.

All of those issues aside, Pierce Brosnan absolutely nails his character and saves what would have been just another ordinary movie and made it something better than ordinary. 12-years after his last stint as â??James Bondâ??, it was brilliant casting to put him in the role of an ex-spy. You forget pretty early on that Brosnan once played the iconic character, but in the back of your mind you remember and you believe. So as this dirtier, grittier and more brutal spy begins to take shape, you buy it and you buy it big time.

â??November Manâ?? misses many opportunities to escape the ordinary because the twists and turns are telegraphed but to not admit that I was surprised by more than a few things would be untruthful. In fact, one of those things was so stunning that my view of Peter Devereaux began to waiver back and forth for the rest of the film.

To see Pierce Brosnan playing such a multi-layered and controversial character was a fun change of pace for me. I donâ??t really think the movie as a whole lived up to the performance of Brosnan, but he certainly proves that he may have been miscast for most of his career. While the movie will most likely fall by the wayside, Brosnanâ??s performance will guarantee that his career is far from over.

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