Criminal hearing set for Darnell Gray's caregiver

A criminal hearing has been set for Darnell Gray's caregiver Quatavia Givens. (File).

Nearly a dozen people gathered in the courtroom at the Cole County Courthouse on Thursday, as they sat and watched as Darnell Gray's caregiver, 26-year-old Quatavia Givens appeared in front of a television screen inside the courtroom. Givens, who has been jailed since last Wednesday is charged with first-degree child abuse resulting in the death of Darnell Gray.

As of Thursday morning, Givens had not applied for a private attorney or a public Defender. She told Cole County Circuit Judge Thomas Sodergren she would apply for a public defender.

Sodergren said he is ordering a bond study to be done for Givens. A court hearing is set for November 15 at 9 a.m. at the Cole County Courthouse.

"The pretrial release office will come meet with you and make a report to the prosecutor's office and to the court on your bond," Sodergren said.

Givens replied with "OK" and then shortly was escorted out of the small room at the jail.

Givens did not enter a plea on Thursday morning.

A probable cause document released last Wednesday detailed why prosecutors charged Quatavia Givens with first-degree child abuse, which is a Class A felony that can result in 10 years to life in prison.

The document stated Darnell Gray suffered multiple injuries "caused by blunt force trauma and sharp force trauma" prior to his death.

The boy's body was found by a law enforcement search team some time before 12 p.m. on October 30.

According to court documents, Givens reported the child was missing the morning of October 25. She said either the child was abducted from a residence in the 1100 block of Buena Vista Street, or he had run away from the residence. She said she had just driven to her mother's residence across town and informed her the boy was missing.

Givens admitted last Tuesday she knew the location of the boy's body, which was consistent with where it was found in the 2100 block of Louis Circle.

She told investigators she had inflicted injury by stating "I may have hit him wrong," the probable cause document stated. She told investigators during the investigation she was traveling to Florida to get out of the area.

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