Crews from USS Missouri visit State Capitol

Sunday morning, the crew stopped in Jefferson City to see the historical landmarks. (Hannah Knowles/KRCG 13)

The USS Missouri Nuclear Submarine crew visited the Show-Me state this weekend.

Stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the crew flew to Missouri for a name-sake visit.

"We are traveling around the state to visit local communities, visit the Capitol, go to high schools and ROTC units," Crew Commander George Howell, said. "Touring through the state helps us get to know the Show-Me state better."

Sunday morning, the crew stopped in Jefferson City to see some historical landmarks.

Starting with the state penitentiary, the crew's day ended with a tour of the Missouri State Capitol.

"It is very cool to see what everyone is like and meet the communities," Jarrett Bedynek, a crew member said. "I have really enjoyed learning the history of the state our vessel is named after."

Missouri has four U.S. Submarines named after the state. The crew that visited Missouri worked and lived on the fourth ship, the only active submarine left in the Missouri fleet.

Their ship is 377 feet long, nuclear powered and can travel anywhere in the world under water.

The crew enjoyed a dinner with Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe in Jefferson City Sunday evening, and flew out of Kansas City at the end of their visit.

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