Barnes says committee has "more fact-finding" to do before issuing report

The House committee investigating Gov. Greitens held a hearing last week. (File)

State Rep. Jay Barnes scheduled a brief press conference Wednesday to provide an update on the investigative committee looking into the allegations against Gov. Eric Greitens.

Rep. Barnes, Chairman of the Special Investigative Committee on Oversight, said the panel has issued subpoenas in the investigation but would not go into more detail.

The Republican representative expressed the committee is choosing not to release information to third parties, though that may change in the future.

He reassured media though the meetings have been closed, there has been a court reporter present at every hearing. The reporter has been transcribing the proceedings. The transcript will be released at the conclusion of the investigation. He clarified the committee reserves the right to redact information to protect names and identities of those who participated in the hearings.

Rep. Barnes said the panel was still "on schedule." Barnes said the committee had to do more fact-finding before it issues a report, and stated the panel would meet March 23 at 12:30 p.m. for a meeting.

The committee held it's fourth hearing at the Jefferson City Police Department Wednesday morning.

The hearing lasted four and a half hours.

Editor's Note: The story and headline have been updated with information from the meeting.

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