Clinton area does not have organization for families of fallen officers like SafetyNet


If what happened in Clinton were to happen in Boone County or Cole County, there would be resources available for the fallen officers.

Those families can lean on SafetyNet, a foundation which helps support families after a first responder dies in the line of duty.

"The fact that Clinton has gone through such a devastating time with their law enforcement, we can only keep them in our thoughts and prayers," said SafetyNet President, Mark Edwards.

"After a line of duty death, we understand the stress it puts on the families, but also the children. We're obligated to take care of those individuals who protected our families," Edwards said Wednesday night.

Within days of a line of duty death, SafetyNet sends the fallen first responder's family $5,000. The organization continues to help with follow up assistance with costs, including schooling and insurance, if need be.

Organizations like SafetyNet are available in some parts of Missouri. The St. Louis area has access to an organization called BackStoppers, while the Kansas City area has an organization called S.A.F.E.

The Clinton and Henry County area does not have access to any.

"It's difficult for them to have a foundation like SafetyNet out there," Edwards said. "There are affiliations like the Fraternal Order of Police that take care of them in this type of situation. These individuals were members of the Fraternal Order of Police and their brotherhood is taking care of things in that area right now."

SafetyNet only relies on donations, Edwards said. Each Saturday in March, the organization is fundraising through an event called 'Bands Battle 4 the Badges' in Jefferson City.

"We beg for money, but we hope we never have to use it," Edwards said. "But at the same time, we need it to be there, in case it does happen."

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