City of Columbia asks for community input in search for new city manager

City of Columbia asks for community input in search for new city manager. (Gladys Bautista/ KRCG 13)

City officials for Columbia held a meeting Wednesday for input from the community on what they would want from their next city manager.

It was the first of two meetings where citizens got a chance to speak face to face with city leaders.

Mayor of Columbia Brian Treece said taking this step in the search process is critical to make sure everyone is involved, especially taxpayers. "While the mayor and the city council make the final decision, I want to hear their input on what types of values,and attributes and professional and personal characteristics they would like to see in Columbia's next city manager," he said.

For one citizen of Columbia, she believes that searching internally is key to having a successful city manager. "The history and especially the recent history is important to know and understand coming in," said Renee Hoagenson. "I think it's difficult to just bring someone into the situation."

For the mayor, he said that all candidates are on the table as of now. "I also think its good to play the field and look at what other opportunities or candidates might be out there that may have come from a similar-sized college community like Columbia," said Treece. "There's always new opportunities for innovation and to learn new things and I think that's one of the aspects that a potential outside candidate brings to the table."

Mayor Treece said that the community input is vital to knowing what to look for going forward and a great deal can be learned from the community he and other city leaders serve. "What's more important now is to get the input from our community so that we have the best profile to put forward," he said.

The next and last meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Feburary 6th from 11:30 A.M. until 1:30 P.M. at Columbia City Hall.

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