Circuit court denies restraining order on MO abortion restriction bill

Senate Bill 5 will go into effect Tuesday after Planned Parenthood attempted to block it. (MGN Online)

A circuit court ruling gives Senate Bill 5 the right of way to go into effect Tuesday, putting restrictions on abortion procedures.

SB5 creates a separate set of regulations for abortion facilities, differentiating them from other ambulatory surgical centers. Abortion doctors will be required to hold a license to practice in Missouri, and abortion facilities would need to have a written policy for transferring patients to hospitals if necessary. Planned Parenthood challenged the portion of the legislation requiring abortion doctors to give pre-abortion education and counseling when previous law allowed any other qualified health care professional to do it.

State health inspectors also will be required to conduct at least one surprise inspection a year, and abortion facilities would need to turn over all of the tissue from an abortion to a state pathology lab within five days.

Planned Parenthood Great Plains, along with Reproductive Health Services and the ACLU of Missouri, filed a temporary restraining order to stall the bill before it would take effect, but the Circuit Court of Jackson County denied the petition.

Missouri Attorney General released a statement on the decision:

“I am very pleased with today’s ruling. SB5 enacts sensible regulations that protect the health of women in Missouri and we will continue to vigorously defend these.”

Planned Parenthood Great Plains president Aaron Samulcek released the statement Tuesday.

"The harsh reality of today's court ruling is that this law will force some women to wait weeks for an abortion, travel hundreds of miles, or lose access altogether."

The ruling comes on the same day Planned Parenthood began abortion services, both surgical and medication, at its facility in Columbia.

Entire statements released on the part of RHS and the ACLU of Missouri can be found in the document below:

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