Chief: Community members played role in locating escapees from Fulton Youth Services

Police said they located the juveniles after someone informed them of their whereabouts at a location in Fulton. (Kyreon Lee/KRCG 13).

When local law enforcement asks for help in finding information or a suspect, the public can be a huge asset.

According to Fulton Police Chief Steve Myers, the community played a large part in locating two escapees from the Division of Youth Services in Fulton. Police said they located the juveniles after someone informed them of their whereabouts. A patrol was sent to investigate and officers then arrested the juveniles at a location in Fulton without incident.

"In these type of situations or any kind of manhunt or escape, it's always extremely important for the community to help and in this case they certainly did," Myers said.

Prior to their arrests, tips from people said they spotted them in Centralia and Columbia.

Police had been searching for the juveniles since Sep. 11, when the Division of Youth services reported two juvenile males had escaped from the facility. Myers said he has no information on how the juveniles escaped originally. Police were not able to release images of the juveniles or their identities due to them being younger than 18.

"It makes it hard for the general public to find who they're looking for," Myers said.

Myers said not being able to release this information was one of the challenges along with not being able to release their criminal offenses, which he says can be a risk to the community.

The police department said it released the juveniles back into the custody of the Division of Youth Services. Myers said the youths were transferred to a facility located in Boone County.

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