School board withholds fate of Centralia student who police say brought gun to school

Centralia Public School's board of education meets before adjourning to a closed executive meeting. (KRCG 13)

Centralia Public School's board of education Monday was expected to decide whether to expel a student accused of bringing a handgun and ammo into the high school on Feb. 16.

Superintendent Darin Ford told KRCG 13 at Monday night's board meeting they don't plan on publicly sharing their decision.

Centralia Police said school officials were tipped off on Feb. 16 that a 15-year-old student would possibly be in possession of a gun.

Administrators stopped the student on the way in and found a handgun and ammunition in his backpack according to police.

Chief of Police Larry Dudgeon said other students were the ones to inform the school.

Centralia High School's student handbook cites the consequences for bringing a firearm or weapon onto school property. 10-180 days or out of school suspension and a referral to the Board of Education for possible expulsion.

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