Capitol Police Department unveils a new look

The Missouri Capitol Police Department has unveiled a new look for their officers and department vehicles(Missouri Department of Public Safety Photo) .

The Missouri Capitol Police Department recently unveiled a new look for its officers and department vehicles.

The old uniforms were very similar to the ones worn by Jefferson City Police officers. The Capitol Police had switched from its traditional solid, dark blue uniform to gray pants with a blue stripe on the outside pant leg and black shirts.

“I believe the new uniforms give us a fresh, professional look that’s unique to Missouri Capitol Police and allow us to stand out and be recognized for what we do,” Capitol Police Chief Mark Maples said. “The new look also means the public and state employees will be able to more readily identify and differentiate our officers from other officers who may be visiting the Capitol and Capitol Complex.”

The patrol vehicles had been completely rehauled to a modern style that features both the Missouri state seal and the Capitol Police department logo. According to Capitol Police, the vehicles’ distinctive markings make them stand out compared to the previous design, which simply featured a Capitol Police logo on the two front doors of the vehicles.

“Our goal is visibility and connecting with the people we serve,” Chief Maples said. “Our officers are trained to be approachable and to interact as much as possible with the public. Making sure their vehicles stand out and promoting our Facebook presence help strengthen the relationship.”

The new vehicle design also included the Capitol Police Facebook page on the rear bumper to raise awareness of Capitol Police’s use of the social media platform. Click here for a link to their Facebook page.

Capitol police said the vehicles’ distinctive markings make them stand out compared to the previous design.

Missouri Capitol Police is the primary law enforcement agency for the Capitol Complex, as well as other state buildings in Jefferson City, patrolling the buildings and grounds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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