Capitol renovation projects to late-2020 completion

The Missouri State Capitol building entrance shrouded in scaffolding (Elizabeth Hoffman/KRCG 13)

Visitors to the Missouri State Capitol have to weave their way through a construction zone before entering the building, but the project is necessary to keep the historic building beautiful.

"It's a beautiful, beautiful building and a monumental building. And the architechture really is, it's a work of art," Dana Rademan Miller, the Chair of the Missouri State Capitol Commission, said.

But now just over 100 years old, the Missouri State Capitol has started to show it's age. Some stone on the exterior is cracked and crumbling.

In 2014, lawmakers devoted $40 million for a Capitol Construction Project. After further planning and approval, construction began this summer.

The appearance has already changed dramatically, but Rademan Miller said that is just the start.

"Eventually what you will see is the scaffolding will completely enclose the entire building and it will be enrobed in a sheeting, kind of a weather proof sheeting. That will allow the masons and stoneworkers to go in and do the tuckpointing and the joints, and the carving work and all the specialized work they need to do in a climate-controlled environment," Rademan Miller said.

While a Chicago based masonry restoration company has been awarded the $28.7 million contract, Rademan Miller said more than 30 Missouri subcontractors and suppliers are involved in the project, all who are proud to be a part of the restoration.

"There's a lot of damage there, and we're going to just make it nice and tidy so everybody feels good about the building and it's safe for everyone to go around the perimeter of the building," Manny Navarete of Bulley & Andrews Masonry Restoration said.

The project is expected to complete by late-2020 and remains on schedule.

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