California's interim police chief taking new position "one step at a time"

Dale Embry has been appointed the Interim Police Chief for the city of California after the immediate resignation of former Chief Mike Ward. (Elizabeth Hoffman/KRCG 13.)

Dale Embry has been appointed the Interim Police Chief for the city of California.

The appointment came after the sudden and immediate resignation of former Police Chief Mike Ward.

"Where we go from here, we tell the guys one step at at time, one day at a time," Interim Chief Embry said.

Embry has been with the department just under 23 years.

"Being a police officer in California is more than just being a police officer, it's more about being part of a family," Embry said about his experience.

"This is a very family oriented community and that's what makes it special."

Interim Chief Embry said regardless of who the next police chief is, the department has a great group of dedicated officers who stand ready to continue their service.

"This department is more than a group of guys who come to work. These guys have a heart for the community they work for," he said.

"We have blood, sweat and tears invested in this place and I guarantee it's all three. I don't see that changing," Embry added.

City Council members voted to advertise for the vacant police chief position for 30 days, at which time candidates will be interviewed.

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