Businessman offers to build new library for Girl Scouts burned down book exchange

After someone burned the first one down, a new Girl Scouts Little Free Library will soon be ready--and this one will be made of steel. (KRCG 13)

A businessman came to the rescue Wednesday night offering to rebuild a Jefferson City Girl Scout troop's burned down book exchange.

"We always do great stuff for the community so we enjoy it," Girl Scout Brownie Cassie Cook said.

The Girl Scout said that she and her troop members worked hard on their Little Free Library at Jaycees Park. For the last year and a half, visitors would drop-off and take books-- until the receptacle was burned to ashes over the weekend.

"I felt mad and sad because we were the ones that donated some of our old books," Cook said

Harvey Buhr was watching the news with his wife Wednesday night when he saw Girl Scout Brownie Cassie Cook.

"News story came on about the Girl Scouts trade-a-book project they had going on," Buhr said.

When he heard the little library was destroyed, he knew he could help.

"They need some help," he said. "We can help them, so that's what we want to do."

Buhr, the owner of Industrial Enterprises, brought the idea to his crew. They were all in agreement, they would make the Girl Scouts a new library made of steel.

"This will not burn," Buhr said.

From the good deed of Girl Scouts to the good deed of a businessman, the new little free library is expected to be completed within a few weeks.

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