Boil Water Order continues after Moberly water main break

Ice machines in the Moberly Public School District remain unplugged during Boil Water Order after water main break. (Mark Slavit/KRCG 13)

Moberly city officials said their water towers were full and the water pressure in their pipes was back to normal after a water main break.

Residents in Moberly were back to taking showers and flushing toilets but still remained under a Boil Water Order.

Moberly crews tested the quality of their water. Crews flushed their water distribution system and tested bacteria samples to confirm Moberly’s tap water was safe.

“I’m very grateful to the community and to the people who stepped forward from the schools to the hospital and the health department," Director of Public Utilities Mary West-Calcagno said. "Everybody has been very good at adapting to this situation and working through it with us.”

Moberly’s Boil Water Order affected more than 12,000 people.

Moberly Public School students drank more than 3,000 bottles of water by 9:00 a.m. on Thursday as administrators encouraged parents to send bottled water to school with their children.

“My child took some water with her to school today," Moberly Public School Superintendent Dr. Matthew Miller said. "If parents would like to send a bottle of water with their children to school that certainly would be welcomed. That would be fine.”

Firefighters also had the all clear to use fire hydrants.

Moberly city leaders have more than 100 miles of pipes in their water distribution system and said the Boil Water Order would be over by Friday night.

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