Bill looks to add information to sexual education classes in Missouri schools

Supporters for House Bill 2234 speak in front of the Children and Families committee at the Missouri State Capitol Tuesday night. (Tommy Sladek/ KRCG 13)

A new piece of legislation would expand sexual education classes to include information about sexual harassment and violence.

House Bill 2234 sponsored by Representative Holly Rehder recommends the curriculum be added to classes involving sexual activity at the middle school grade level.

On Tuesday night at the Missouri State Capitol Rehder as well as more than a dozen supporters for the bill testified in front of the Children and Families committee.

Chelsea Spence, a senior at the University of Missouri helped draft the bill.

"This legislation will not only help potential perpetrators learn where the line of consent lies, but also about teaching every high school student on when they can and can't give proper consent," said Spence.

The president of the Associated Student of the University of Missouri wants the state to get ahead and educate before college.

"We know that sexual education is a key component in preventing sexual assault."

"When our college students aren't educated on it, it's only natural that more assaults are going to occur."

No opponents to the bill came forward to speak Tuesday night.

The bill says a parent would have right to remove the student from any part of the district's or school's human sexuality instruction.

Missouri school districts make the decision on their own whether to teach a sexual education class.

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