Big changes coming to KRCG 13

KRCG 13 says goodbye to its old news set after more than 10 years.

All day Sunday crews worked on tearing down KRCG 13's old news set to make way for a brand new one. It's been a little over 10 years since we've updated our studio.

For the next few weeks, we'll be using a temporary one while construction crews work on something exciting and new.

"It's important to keep that fresh, modern look and I think you'll see that in the new set," said Mark Nadeau, Director of Television Production for Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Nadeau and his team is working to bring our new studio to life while helping us continue to broadcast from a temporary set.

"The tough part about doing something like this is we have to get you out of your studio. So we've had to build a temporary studio in the conference room," said Nadeau.

For the time being, we will be doing all of our newscasts from the temporary set.

"It's a pain for a little while but boy when you go on the new set you guys will look fantastic," said Nadeau.

In the next few weeks, crews will gut the entire studio, take everything out and put in new electrical wiring, a new lighting grid, and new floors. Once that's done, Nadeau said towards the end of the month they'll put in the new set.

Then it'll be time for the big unveiling of KRCG 13's new studio sometime in April.

As for our old set, KRCG 13 is donating it to Lincoln University.

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