Barnes requests Greitens' attorney fees of $153,000 not be paid with taxpayer money

Missouri Rep. Jay Barnes requested taxpayers not be on the hook for $153,000 in attorney fees. (KRCG 13)

The Missouri House investigative committee chairman requested the state's Office of Administration not use taxpayer dollars to pay attorney fees for former Governor Eric Greitens.

Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, wrote a letter to MOA Commissioner Sarah Steelman requesting the refusal of payment to Ross Garber and Edward Greim, attorneys who represented the Office of the Governor during the Greitens tenure.

Greim and Garber had told the committee in May they were being paid by taxpayer dollars, charging $340 and $320 per hour, respectively.

Barnes said the "legal fees should be borne exclusively by Eric Greitens himself." Barnes said Garber and Greim have been reported to submit $153,000 in attorney bills to Missouri taxpayers.

The committee chairman concluded his letter to Steelman, reinforcing his stance on Greitens footing the attorney fees.

"Missouri taxpayers should not be on the hook for lawyers that Eric Greitens used for his own personal purposes. Accordingly, if Garber and Greim seek compensation, they should do so from Eric Greitens himself, not Missouri taxpayers."

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