Authorities looking for man who kicked cat at KC area high school field

Authorities are searching for a man who kicked a cat at Center High School in Kansas City, Missouri. (Kansas City Missouri Government)

WARNING: Some may find the video to be graphic.

Kansas City officials have begun investigating a video which showed a man kicking a cat at a high school football field.

The video was obtained through social media by the principal at Center High School who then brought it to the city's attention.

John Baccala, a spokesman for Kansas City’s Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department, told KCTV the city sent an animal health officer to the scene but were unable to find the cat.

"We would like to ID the person who kicked the cat, and the person who shot the video so we can move the case forward," Baccala said to KCTV.

Anyone with information has been asked to call city government at (816) 513-1313.

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