Auditor: Prosecutors, attorney general collected $7.05 million in seized property in 2017

State Auditor Nicole Galloway (File)

The Missouri attorney general and prosecutors' offices seized more than $800,000 in 2017 than they did the year prior.

A report from Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway released the "Compilation of 2017 Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act Seizures Executive Summary," showing the offices totaled $7,053,456 in reported seizures.

According to the report, 2016 resulted in $6,253,326 worth of seized property.

Galloway's report broke down the status of the $7.05 million in property seized:

  • $3.25 million (46 percent) was transferred to a federal agency
  • $2.54 million (36 percent) was pending
  • $679, 549 (9.6 percent) was returned
  • $322,784 (4.6 percent) was not reported
  • $180,363 (2.6 percent) was transferred to the state
  • $72,354 (1.0 percent) was reported as other

The complete breakdown of the report is below:

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