After every blast of winter comes a trip to the car wash

Lines were formed at every car wash in town Friday (KRCG 13).

Friday, there was finally a break from yet another blast of brutally cold temperatures in mid-Missouri.

Missourians took advantage of the warmth with a trip to the car wash.

Lines were formed at every car wash in town with people who were excited to get their cars cleaned once again.

Everyone's car seemed to have the same problem.

"Really messed up from all the snow and ice and salt on the roads," a driver said about their car. "Oh, it makes me feel awful."

Drivers commented on how their cars needed to be washed quickly and were in dire need to be clean again. Car-owners didn't even mind waiting in long lines.

"I wanted to get into the car wash today and that's my biggest deal of the day," another driver in line said.

So one by one, there was prewash, soap and lots of water. And after just a few minutes, cars were shining like new.

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