A different take on the weekend's wintry mix

The liquid equivalent for the glazing of ice is 9300 gallons of water per square mile.

With drought conditions persisting this season, it's important to put this weekend's ice event in perspective.

On average, mid-Missouri picked up 1/10 to 2/10 an inch in freezing rain/sleet accumulations across the viewing area, which covers about 13,000 square miles.

After a few calculations, those accumulations across the region equal a liquid equivalent of 121 billion gallons of water for an average ice accumulation of .15 inches for 13,000 square miles.

To take this one step further, this would mean any neighborhood saw around 9300 gallons of water per square mile that first fell as frozen precipitation.

The latest drought monitor that will include this weekend's freezing rain and sleet accumulations, mixed with Monday's melting , will be released Thursday.

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