Nine-year-old leads the way for girl Cub Scouts

Catelyn Weise was the first girl to sign up for Cub Scouts in Columbia (KRCG 13)

Boy Scouts of America celebrated its 108th anniversary Thursday and since it began February 8, 1910, there have been some big changes especially in the last year.

In October 2017, the organization announced girls could join Cub Scouts and earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

Nine-year-old Catelyn Weise is leading the way for young girls in Columbia. She was the first girl to sign up for the Great Rivers Council Cub Scouts and is expected to attend her first meeting in March.

Weise said her dad and brother Bret inspired her to join. Both were Cub and Boy Scouts and Bret also went on to become an Eagle Scout.

"Girls should get the same experience boys do," Weise said. "It means a lot to me 'cause just being a girl in something that was made for boys is pretty big."

The fourth grader said she's looking forward to camping, thrilling adventures and spending more time with her friends.

Weise's dad said a few other girls have also signed up and the two of them are hoping to recruit more.

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