Rally held to raise funds for veterans

11th annual motor rally for Missouri veterans (Photo: Hannah Knowles KRCG 13)

The Jefferson City Elks Lodge held their 11th annual motor rally for Missouri veterans Saturday morning.

Over 200 riders joined together to raise money for Missouri veterans and the the VA hospital. The Elks Lodge is a community center that provides outreach to several groups including veterans.

Elks Lodge Coordinator Eileen Scrivner said the organization provides financial support, medical care, meal assistance and organizes community events for veterans to get together.

"Veterans, they are right at the top of our priority list," she said. "Wherever there is a veteran, we will be there to assist them in any need."

The ride started at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning, and Scrivner said the parking lot was full with motorcycles, cars, and buses of people ready to ride. She said it was an amazing feeling to see the community come together for such a great cause.

"I have goose bumps right now just thinking about what everyone does to support these projects and the veterans because the money does go towards such good use," she said.

The event raised over $2,000 to be put toward assisting Missouri veterans.

The event takes place every year on the third Saturday in August. Scrivner said it is something she and the Jefferson City community look forward to.

"I think the Jefferson City community is extremely patriotic and supportive of the veterans," she said. "When they see an organization like the Elks, seeing us doing an event like this - they are just in awe."

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