Contents of St. Mary's Hospital 115-year-old time capsule opened for public viewing

A 115-year-old time capsule from the first St. Mary's Hospital was revealed for the first time Sunday afternoon, and inside included newspapers and religious medallions. (Lexie Petrovic/KRCG13).

The Historic City of Jefferson members were among the first to view the items inside a 115 year old time capsule Sunday afternoon.

The group then opened their doors to the public later Sunday afternoon. Executive director Anne Green said the capsule was discovered last November by the Farmer Holding Group, and was then donated to the Historic City of Jefferson. The capsule was tucked away back in 1904, when St. Mary's Hospital was being built.

"The Groner family had heard family lore from their great-grandfather that he was one of the stone masons that worked on the original hospital," she said. "There was a time capsule buried in the cornerstone. And so they reached out to us, they reached out to Farmer's Holding Company, and as Farmer's was going through the demolition process they found it in the cornerstone and then contacted us. And then we reached out to the state archives to begin preservation efforts on it."

She said among the items inside the capsule, were newspapers and religious medallions. She also said the capsule was in great shape despite the wear-and-tear it experienced in the last century.

"We're really lucky because the time capsule from 1904 is 115 years old and these materials have survived in amazing condition," she said.

Green said this is an exciting discovery to add to the history of Jefferson City. She said the Historic City of Jefferson plans to share the capsule with local schools, to educate them on history, and said it will continue to be shared with the public moving forward.

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