New Year can also mean a new healthy beginning

Setting realistic New Year's resolutions makes it easier to keep them. (File)

It's the season for family, festivity, and food, and there is usually lots of food.

While it is easy to talk about changing our ways, following through may be easier said than done.

"It's not realistic to say you're going to go to the gym seven days a week," SSM Health Dietician Rachel Hughes said.

She said setting unobtainable goals often results in failure, "A lot of times people are setting these goals, the exact same goals every year because they weren't able to reach it the year before. So if you focus on making changes slowly, you're going to be able to sustain."

"If you're setting a goal for weight loss, it's easy for you to get discouraged and you're like, I'm done," she added.

Since getting back on track can be overwhelming, she said it's best to make changes one step at a time.

"You can start with small goals and do one thing, and then if you let that sink in, you really work on that one goal, until you it kind of becomes a habit," Hughes said.

Those new habits often have positive results for everyone, "I've just had a couple patients who have even come back and said Oh, I remember you from last time, and I started doing this and made these changes, so that's been really rewarding."

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