Create a calendar to reduce school-year stress

Adams-Haddadin said creating a calendar can help kids learn to manage their expectations for what the day will hold. (KRCG). 

September is Back to School Month, and experts say creating a calendar can make life easier on both parents and children.

In this week's Family First segment, KRCG spoke with SSM Health Physician Advisor Lenora Adams-Haddadin about the stress-relieving benefits of planning ahead.

Adams-Haddadin said success in her career and success as a mom come with many of the same requirements.

"In my position, there's a lot of communication. I assist in communication and facilitate communication. So I think that translates into running a family and helping manage a family," she said.

As a full-time professional and mother to two preschool-aged children, Adams-Haddadin said she's no stranger to a busy life. "It can be hard to find time and deliberately communicate about what's going on with everybody, and in everybody's life," she said.

That's why she said creating a family calendar is a must. "If there's one place to put it that you can rely on, that you know you can go to and check, then it's a way to keep in touch without having to always communicate about every single thing that's going on," she said.

Adams-Haddadin said calendars do more than just keep people up to date, they also tell everyone what they can expect for the day.

"On a daily basis, I have to manage my kids' expectation for the following morning, or how this is gonna turn out this morning, how we're going to do it," she said. "I think that's a key part of getting them out the door without much drama."

She said calendars also teach lifelong responsibility, even from a very young age. "For my kids, it helps to make sure they bring their soccer shirt for the day they have soccer practice," she said. "So they're already learning something about time management even though they're only two and four years old."

Adams-Haddadin said it's never too soon to start using a calendar. And when you do, she said you'll have smoother scheduling and more time for fun. "It just makes sense that when you do have time to communicate with your family, you'd rather not be talking about logistics."

Watch KRCG 13 at 5 p.m. next Friday for our next Family First segment - we'll talk to a pediatrician about why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

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