Bringin You the Latest in Weather Safety Technology

KRCG is pleased to bring another state-of-the-art, personal warning service to the Columbia/Jefferson City area.

Introducing MyWARN!

MyWARN is a simple, but very powerful smartphone application designed to deliver critical, life-saving severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service to its users within seconds of them being issued. MyWARN follows you using location based services in your smartphone to constantly monitor the specific threats for your current location. It only notifies the user if severe weather is forecast for that location, if that area is in a severe weather watch or if the area falls inside one of the very precise and targeted storm based warning areas issued by the NWS.

Our new MyWARN app is a new tool that keeps you alert to severe weather day or night, wherever you're at home or work, traveling across the state or around the nation. It works anywhere in the United States.

Whether it's your daily drive or a weekend trip to Kansas City or St. Louis, this app follows your location. MyWARN works from coast to coast. This app will alert you when a severe watch or warning is issued and even alert you if you drive into a warning.

MyWARN Follows You

Your need for severe weather information becomes even more critical when you are away from your normal surroundings. Being away from your normal TV and radio sources plus being in a place where you may be unfamiliar with community and county names, can put you at a serious disadvantage when severe weather threatens. MyWARN levels the field by keeping up with you and delivering any alerts that are issued for your precise location.

Watches, Warnings, Outlooks

You get to choose how you are alerted. Do you want to know if you're in a severe thunderstorm watch or tornado watch or that day's severe outlook? Or do you only want either severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado warnings? You pick. Just like other apps, you can turn sound on or off.

MyWARN is available now on the Apple App store for iPhone, iPod and iPad and in the Google Play store for Android. Cost is a one-time price of $9.99. This is a limited time offer, it'll soon go to an annual subscription. It's a small investment for your safety and piece of mind. Remember to use promo code KRCG13.