With a Hair still running the ship, Falcons eye another big season

Blair Oaks will host a six-team jamboree Friday night in Wardsville. (Josh Kurelac/KRCG13)

WARDSVILLE --- You can understand the sentiment of non-Blair Oaks fans ... Hair today, gone tomorrow, the quicker the better.

Instead, they're stuck in Groundhog Day ... the Reign of Hair continues.

And the Falcons keep winning.

After the record-setting career of Jordan Hair concluded with a splendid 13-1 season and a trip to the semifinals in 2015, younger brother Nolan has stepped in and the Falcons haven't missed a beat.

You can just hear those fans now ...

Hasn't this guy graduated yet?

Well, yes and no. Jordan did, but Nolan's back --- and he's only a junior.

This is not the say Jordan and Nolan are the same player, or even the same person. Because they're not.

"I only had one year around Jordan, so I didn't get to see him as much as I've gotten to see Nolan," third-year Falcons coach Terry Walker said. "But their demeanors are different. Nolan's the kind of kid I can bark at a little bit and it doesn't really effect him, mentally. My first year, I didn't really bark at Jordan, because I could sense early on that probably wasn't going to be a real positive with him."

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