Whether it's baseball or football, success continues at South Callaway

South Callaway hosts Milan on Friday night. (KRCG13 Sports)

MOKANE, Mo. --- Same guys, different sport, same result.

Winners win.

"There's a lot to be said for that," South Callaway head coach Zach Hess said. "It took fruition in Week One."

It certainly did, because last Friday's opener at Father Tolton was a game the Bulldogs could have --- probably should have --- lost.

But they didn't. A blocked punt turned touchdown with a minute left forced the game to overtime ---

"At that point, we thought we at least had a chance," Hess said --- before the Bulldogs pulled out a 25-19 win in double OT.

"They were definitely all smiles after the game," Hess said, "because there were several points throughout the game that it looked really bleak. It didn't really look like there was much of a chance that we were going to come back --- it would have been really easy for our guys to give up, but our guys didn't. And we're excited about that."

These aren't just good football players, they're good multi-sport athletes. And they have the championship hardware to prove it, as this roster is littered with players who won a state baseball title less than three months ago.

They know how to win. You can just look in their eyes and tell.

You can coach Xs and Os all you want, but you just can't coach that look.

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