So far, so good: South Callaway living up to great expectations

South Callaway junior pitcher Kaden Helsel is building on last year's All-State season by going 5-1 with an ERA of 1.90 this season. (Tom Loeffler)

Expecting great things to happen is one thing, making them happen is another.

Just ask Hillary.

In that same vein, it just seems the South Callaway Bulldogs have too many trump cards and too many aces not to be great.

So far, so good.

"We knew the expectations from the community, from our parents, the coaching staff and players, were going to be extremely high coming into this season," fourth-year Bulldogs coach Heath Lepper said. "The kids knew they were going to be good, because they've put the time and work in.

"We knew we'd have a bullseye on our backs and we were going to see everybody's best, and that's a good thing. We wanted that, it makes us better. The No. 1 thing we were going to fight all year was complacency --- when you're going out and beating some pretty good teams by 10 runs, it's very easy to get complacent.

"They think: 'Well, if I don't get it done, the guy behind me (in the lineup) will pick me up. And they usually do. But when you start relying on that, that's when the runs quit coming."

South Callaway is currently 20-3 and ranked second in the state in Class 3. Not too shabby. But if they needed something to shake them out of complacency, they got it last week in Westphalia.

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