Now with the Titans, 'blessed' Williams continues to give back

Former Jefferson City Jay Sylvester Williams hosted a youth football camp at Adkins Stadium on Saturday. (KRCG 13 Photo/Josh Kurelac)

Sylvester Williams came to Jefferson City last year as a Super Bowl champion.

He returned Saturday as part of a team that hasn't made the playoffs in nine years, and hasn't won a playoff game in 14 years.

Remember the Titans? Because they've certainly been easy to forget.

Williams --- a 2008 graduate of Jefferson City High School --- signed a three-year deal with Tennessee in March, leaving the Denver Broncos after four solid seasons that included the Super Bowl championship season in 2015-16.

You would think that going from a perennial winner to a perennial loser would stunt Williams' infectious smile. Not so.

He's blushing with optimism.

"I came from a winning organization and I feel like I'm going to a team that's had some bad luck the past years," said Williams, who was at Adkins Stadium on Saturday to host a free youth football camp. "But I think it's definitely a team that's looking at bigger and better things. I think this is going to be a big year for us ... we're going to continue to take steps and move forward.

"It was definitely a tough decision. Honestly, I really wanted to stay in Denver, but it came down to what's best for my family."

It may have been a tough decision. But at the same time, Williams --- a 6-2, 315-pound noseguard --- feels like he's joining a very tough team.

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