Need a team to pull for in tourney? Why not NC Central?

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JEFFERSON CITY --- It's not as much fun to fill out your NCAA bracket these days, is it?

Especially when the closest team to us in the tournament resides in Lawrence, Kan. You can't spell puke without the KU, right?

Sorry, old habits die hard.

Let's recap the state of Missouri's three best chances to get invitations to this very special Dance.

Stink. Stank. Stunk. (Below is not necessarily listed in order of smelliness.)

* We all know of the plight of Mizzou this season, 8-24.

* But there's also Saint Louis University, which was quite good as recently as 2014. Not this year. The Billikens were 12-21.

* Missouri State actually finished the season with a winning record, 17-16, but that wasn't even good enough for the NIT. That's because the Bears had an RPI (209) that was way too high.


Sure, we'll all still fill out a bracket, it's what we do. Then we'll watch it fall apart by Friday afternoon of the first weekend.

We need somebody to pull for, a team to call our own ... even if it's a 16 seed and even if it's only for one game. And even if that game is played before the first weekend, because it's a play-in game against Cal-Davis on Wednesday night.

North Carolina Central, the Eagles, our very own 16th seed, a team that came to Columbia and beat Mizzou 62-52 in Columbia in November. But that's not enough reason to pull for this team.

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