How sweet it is: Thunderbirdes win both battle and war vs. Bulldogs

North Callaway beat rival South Callaway 38-20 Friday night to claim a district championship. (Josh Kurelac/KRCG13)

KINGDOM CITY --- It's why we love sports, for games like this.

Emotionally-charged, passionate affairs against your arch rival, with more jolting collisions than a demolition derby.

This one, however, was even more than that.

This one was an emotionally-charged, passionate affair against your arch rival, with more jolting collisions than a demolitions derby --- and with the season on the line.

Earlier this season, North Callaway had won the battle against South Callaway. On Friday night, North Callaway also won the even-more-important war.

In the second Callaway Cup clash in eight weeks, Adam Reno rushed for two touchdowns and also scored on an improbable 99-yard defensive strip and score as the Thunderbirds ended the season of the Bulldogs with a 38-20 win in the Class 2 District 5 championship game.

You figured this would be close, and it was --- until the fourth quarter.

The seventh-ranked Thunderbirds (11-1) set the tone on their first drive of the game --- Reno, right, Reno left, Reno up the middle.

Stop him if you can.

The bruising 6-foot, 220-point senior running back has legs as sturdy as mature Oaks. He can be tackled one on one, however --- if you play on Saturdays, or perhaps even Sundays, that is.

For high school players, good luck.

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