Believe it or not, Prairie Home girls have a date in Columbia

Prairie Home will take part in the Show-Me Showdown for the first time in school history. (Josh Kurelac/KRCG13)

PRAIRIE HOME, Mo. --- You could say the Prairie Home Lady Panthers have been living on the edge the last four games.

And you'd be right.

They've won the last four by a combined 10 points, after all ... their last three by a combined five points, their last two by a combined two points.

Doing the math on the latter, that would be back-to-back one-point wins --- with the season on the line, when the next loss in your last game, back-to-back one point wins.

But considering what this team has been going through since Day One of practice, this is nothing, really.

Living on the edge is wondering if you'll even have enough players to put a team on the floor. Because the Lady Panthers are just a couple injuries away, a couple of sick kids away, from a forfeit.

Against all odds, the Prairie Home girls now have a date in Columbia --- this six-player Class 1 team is going to the Final Four.

Believe it or not.

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